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NewPlat Exchange Traded Fund  

NewPlat Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) offers the opportunity to invest in platinum bullion, as it tracks the Rand price of platinum. The debentures are fully backed by physical platinum bullion with each debenture approximately equivalent to 1/100th of a fine troy ounce of platinum bullion, which is held with a secure depository on behalf of investors. The annual management fee is 0.4% of the value of the debenture.

Classified as a domestic investment, NewPlat Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) offers a simple and cost-effective method to invest in physical platinum bullion. NewGold Issuer Limited (RF) issues listed instruments (structured as debentures) backed by physical holding of precious metals.

NewGold platinum debentures are listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and are secondary listed. They are easily obtained through a JSE member stockbroker, Absa internet banking portal and the Investment Plan administered by Absa Investment Management Services (AIMS). NewPlat Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is the second product offer in South Africa through which institutional and retail investors can securely invest in platinum bullion, with the added benefit of low management fees.

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Certified Shari'ah Compliant

NewPlat platinum debentures are non-interest based products. The issuing company, NewGold Issuer Limited (RF), was incorporated for the sole purpose of issuing securities backed by platinum bullion and is not involved in any activities that are not permitted under Shari’ah Law.

The Shari’ah Supervisory Board of Absa Islamic Bank in South Africa, made up of scholars specialised in Islamic law, issued a ruling stating that the NewPlat Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) complies with Shari’ah law. As such, investment in NewPlat debentures is in line with Islamic principles of ethical investment.

NewPlat therefore offers Muslim investors the opportunity to gain exposure to platinum through investing in a listed Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

Benefits of investing in NewPlat debentures
  • Backed by physical platinum bullion – no issuer risk
  • Treated as a domestic asset
  • Tracking ZAR spot price of platinum bullion – no roll risk associated with the products tracking futures price.
  • Allows for decomposing of commodity risk from idiosyncratic risks associated with shares in platinum producers
  • Can be utilised as a currency hedge as well as a hedge against the Rand depreciation
  • Investing and realising funds is straightforward – as simple as buying and selling a single share. Liquidity maintained by the Market Maker (Absa Corporate and Investment Banking)
  • Pricing fully transparent – fair price of the debentures can be determined at any time

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Historical performance graph

Annualised return  -2.81%
Benchmark return  -3.46%
Date Range
 NewPlat ETF
Fund data
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Fund data

Launch Date 26 April 2013
Fiscal Year 31 March
Frequency of Dividend Payment N/A
Domicile South Africa
Currency ZAR
Manager NewGold Managers Pty(Ltd)
Trustees Maitland Trust Limited
Stock Exchange JSE
Bloomberg NGPLT SJ Equity
Market Maker Absa

Asset information

Date (close) 19/06/2019

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Mauritius Listing

Date (close) 19/06/2019

Botswana Listing

Date (close) 19/06/2019
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