This calculator is used for illustrative purposes only.

The outputs of this calculator are based on real returns (after inflation). Future investment values that include inflation are difficult to understand as they do not represent the current purchasing power. Simply toggle the sliders below to reflect your current retirement plan details. Once your details are captured, your retirement savings result will be pre-populated.

Please refer to the calculator examples document that illustrates how this retirement calculator can be used.

What is your current age?
At what age do you want to retire?
Years to earn an income
after retirement
What is your current
gross monthly salary?
Retirement goal
Current total market value of
your existing retirement savings
Monthly contribution to your
existing retirement savings
Lump sum contribution to the
Core RA
Monthly contribution
to the Core RA
Your results

Based on the calculator you could have a monthly surplus of .

You need to invest an additional amount* towards your Core RA to reach your retirement goal.

The calculator shows that you could exceed your goal by current lump sum contribution of .

A lump sum contribution of an amount towards your Core RA would eliminate your retirement shortfall

*The calculator does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation to invest in the Core Portfolio and is used simply for illustration. Please refer to the assumptions document.
  • Retirement goal
  • Current retirement savings
  • Core RA savings
  • Total current savings
  • Shortfall
  • Surplus
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